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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Searching for Exoplanets

We have just rezzed a new free eBook here at Spaceport UK called Exoplanet Observing for Amateurs (second edition) buy Bruce L Gary. if you thought that this type of observation was purely the domain of those professionals perched on mountain tops and equip ed with those giant domes scopes then be encouraged.

The Second Edition has a larger page format and at 253 pages is 70% longer. Explanations have been updated by way of improving. The download comes in the form of a pdf, so be prepared for a short delay.

Below you will see that I have copied the index

Preface 1
Introduction 5
1 Could I Do That?
2 Observatory Tour
3 Exoplanet Choices
4 Planning the Night
5 Flat Fields
6 Dark Frames
7 Exposure Times
8 Focus Drift
9 Autoguiding
10 Photometry Aperture Size
11 Photometry Pitfalls
12 Image Processing
13 Spreadsheet Processing
14 Star Colors
15 Stochastic SE Budget
16 Anomalies: Timing and LC Shape
17 Optimum Observatory
Appendix A – Flat Field Evaluation
Appendix B – Selecting Target from Candidate List
Appendix C – Air Mass from JD
Appendix D - Planet Size Model
Appendix E – Measuring CCD Linearity
Appendix F – Measuring CCD Gain
References Index

Please over anytime and enjoy a read with your
regards Aso

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