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Monday, 17 May 2010

Investing in Solar Energy

If you have been teleporting over to Spaceport UK of recent times them you will have no doubt seen our new sky platform for Aso's Solar Homes. While our space technology concept for the sim is continuing to bare good fruit, we are aware not only from visitors but from general comments from the press and media that there is some need for a wider relevance of space research and technology. Well that's a valid point and you only have look toward the work carried out by space agencies such as NASA and their work in wind turbines and solar cells to realise that there is in fact a strong and very connection between these two fields. And so with that in mind we have plunged some not inconsiderable effort into constructing and selling Solar energy builds from solar panels all the way to solar homes. If you come along and take a look you will see that all out devices keep you fully informed on such things as energy and carbon saving.
look forward to comments and visits, regards Aso