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Saturday, 8 March 2014

UK Manned Orbital Vehicle

Here at Spaceport UK we have a full-scale model of the Manned Orbital Vehicle proposed by The Ross-Smith Launcher design from the late forties. The design proposal was for a 4-stage or 5-stage rocket, with 1:st, 2:nd and 3:rd stages featuring parachute recovery, long before we had the arrival of those reusable features in the space shuttle

The design spec called for a lift off mass of some 2,300 metric tons. Remember we are talking about post war and so at this time post V2 rocket propulsion technology.

Each stage used a single rocket engine, which would have called for a unit that could produce more thrust than the Saturn V!

In operation the system would have delivered a manned space glider to an altitude of 500 miles, that would have been able to re-enter and glide down under pilot control to land on a runway.

Please feel free anytime to teleport over to our Spaceport UK sim and see the giant for yourself, get an idea of the shear scale of the rocket and access web resources for more information.