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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

my blogger

Object-Name: Spaceport UK SL Blogger
Region: Star Beach Island (194304, 294656)
Local-Position: (78, 247, 22)

cool place for space farers

Skipper Abel

Towers of Skyro

Building on the success of our solar home, we thought about moving into the sci arena, so if you fancy A residence with a difference, Sec Tower is home for Dalek Sec on his home planet of Skyro. This two-floor low prim, low footprint structure is ideal for any avatar needing a small home on the plains of some alien sim. The tower has a vertical sliding door leading directly into an open plan ground floor measuring 15m in diameter at the base. In the centre of the room is an elevator, the principle means of transport to and from the first floor. The build features a flashing tower night-light as a navigation aid for low flying saucers. Once inside, you will become aware of a soft ambient techno sound and of course Dalek Sec. So how will you both get along, well Dalek Sec is not of the free roaming attack variety, instead he will simply meander about whichever floor you place him on, making Dalek sounds and doing Dalek stuff.
Kind regards Aso

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Virtual Gardens

Just experimenting in the making of virtual environments with the creation of a small scripted particle garden in Second Life. Working as we are on solar homes it seems a natural extension to the theme really. The next project that I have in mind for this is to create a garden that you may find on an alien world! Feel free to teleport over and pay us a visit.